5 Best Singapore Kitchen Interior Design Tips

Singapore Kitchen Interior Design

Food is prepared in the kitchen, and dishes are cleaned there as well. Additionally, it seems to sense that this is where a fire will originate in a home. However, it may be vital to plan for your kitchen design before you bother yourself with any fire incidents. If not, your first kitchen catastrophe might not include anything explosive, simply a poorly designed, dysfunctional, odd-looking kitchen.

There are many possibilities available when looking for kitchen renovation ideas. Others are made expressly to keep small ones in view, while some are well suited to large ones. You can select the designs that best suit your needs and preferences from a wide variety of kitchen makeover ideas, whether you live in a large home or a small apartment.

Ideas for Singapore Kitchen Interior Design

Most people who reside in Singapore do so in HDB apartments. There are several ways to update the look of your HDB kitchen, regardless of how much or how little space you have. If the room is used well, even in tiny areas, it is possible to create a functional kitchen that also doesn’t look cluttered.

Here we have mentioned various tips for designing a safe and sophisticated kitchen. If you are looking for interior styling in Singapore, Klein Interiors is the best in the business.

1. Choosing Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets are typically the focus of attention when designing a kitchen. They serve as the kitchen’s focal points and are among the first things guests notice when they walk in. They also serve to identify the kitchen’s style. For your new kitchen, we’ll go through several design concepts for kitchen cabinets.

Side Cabinet – This layout also contributes to space savings in addition to the L-shaped cabinet. This delicate design will raise the bar for kitchen aesthetics with a dash of sophistication and modern interior design. An L-shape works nicely in small spaces.

Camouflaging Cabinets – In simple words, they are cabinets that complement the wall. For instance, cabinets can be mounted on the inside of a wooden wall. Your kitchen will appear larger than it is as a result of this.

Third-Level Cabinet – This three-tier cabinet is perfect for you if you have a sizable collection of kitchenware and serving ware. With three levels of cabinetry, you can conveniently arrange all of the different types of equipment you own. This will be pretty convenient for you and your family.

2. Install Quality Flooring:

Although a kitchen’s key concerns are its operation and item organisation, the floor also has a big impact on the interior design of the space. If the other elements of the kitchen are expertly built but the floor isn’t, the space will look bad as a whole. To make the space appear larger, the floor should ideally be tiled in very light colours.

The floor tiles could match the backsplash tile colour exactly or they may be slightly darker or lighter. You can also select tiles with a wooden appearance and feel to coordinate with the other elements in the kitchen. Again, there are various options for kitchen flooring.

3. Provide Storage Space

Do you know the one thing that, if you don’t have enough of, you’ll regret forever? Kitchen storage space is needed! Spices, utensils, crockery, and other items all need to be organised in this area, among other things. Make sure you have enough reachable cabinets so you can put things in them when you need to and take them out when you don’t.

Making the most of the vertical space during a kitchen makeover is another crucial and practical tip for making the room appear more open and uncluttered. For example, full-length cupboards and shelves may be used. To make use of this vertical space, you can stack the dryer over the washing machine.

4. Use Appealing Color Schemes:

Choose calming, deep, and serene colours for your kitchen to create wonderful interior design themes that are guaranteed to attract everybody who enters. Your enjoyment of food preparation and cooking increases when cool colours are used, preventing you from feeling like it is work.

This kitchen, which we recently restored, is a wonderful example of one of these kitchens. The cabinets and shelving are a deep, peaceful blue, while the counter is white. The colour scheme is well-balanced in this design thanks to the usage of accents and recessed lighting. The walls and floor are ash grey, which enhances the look.

5. Construct a Multifunctional Kitchen:

In recent times, kitchens have evolved from being just functional to being more multipurpose spaces that may be used for entertaining and unwinding in addition to cooking. A skilled designer will always bear this in mind and strive to build a kitchen that is open and welcoming and that allows for simultaneous cooking and entertaining.

Including a kitchen island with seating is one of our top design suggestions for the kitchen. This creates a comfortable space where visitors and family members can unwind and interact without interfering with the use of the work triangle. The host is then free to prepare food and host guests.


A kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most essential components of your house. It is a location where you can execute the skills of cooking and dishwashing while also filling the empty stomachs of your loved ones. So, it is crucial that while you focus on the rest of the home, the kitchen must also look congruent. If you are searching for Singapore kitchen interior design , Klein Interiors is the best option you have. We provide highly skilled professionals for designing and styling rooms as per your wishes.

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