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Klein Interiors is a Singapore based interior design company who aims to establish a reputation for creating luxurious and timeless interiors that are both practical and comfortable to live in.

Klein Interiors have developed a taste for aesthetically sound design, cultivated through a background working with various clients and also years of work experiences.

We are able to provide a consistent foundation for our work, enabling us to balance our ideas with our clients’ tastes and lifestyle, to create truly bespoke environments.

This custom-tailored approach allows the individual needs of each of our clients to be met and represented in our design, creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

At Klein Interiors, we develop trusted relationships with our clients, which will in turn allow us to provide personalized and dedicated service with the support of a highly skilled team of design consultants.

Since opening our design office, our presence have allowed many seamless collaboration with clients, be it residential, private or commercial properties.

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