Best BTO 3 Room Renovation Package

Bto 3 room renovation package

If you want to know about the BTO 3 Room Renovation Package, then this post is for you. Buying a 3-room HDB apartment is quite common in Singapore, especially among first-time homeowners, due to its accessibility and cost. Every homeowner wants a vast, roomy house to come home to and live in. However, it is no secret that space in 3-room HDBs, including BTO and resale flats, is highly restricted.

Trying to renovate and optimise the space available can be very challenging. You wouldn’t believe how manageable it is to plan the interior design of a 3-room HDB. Many solutions are available today, even for compact spaces like 3-room HDB homes.

This implies that you can completely renovate your house using the brilliant 3-room BTO interior design. You need a little imagination and some outside-the-box thinking if you want to extend your kitchen or create an open-plan space.

Fortunately, here we will give you some creative 3-room HDB design and Scandinavian interior design BTO suggestions. Please continue reading to discover some practical advice to make your 3-room HDB flat appear much larger than it is. Here we should mention that you may contact Klein Interiors immediately if you need renovation services, HDB interior design, or condominium interior design in Singapore.

Scandinavian Interior Design BTO

A plethora of Scandinavian interior design BTO features are simple and organic whenever possible. These areas are helpful, and the Scandinavian design is also pleasing to the touch. Scandi home d├ęcor has an earthy feel because of the raw textures found in handmade goods and textiles. At the same time, the chilly colour scheme is warmed up by wood, leather, and pelts.

1. Glass and mirrors

Perhaps one of the best interior design ideas for small spaces is to use more glass. The material offers various alternatives for visually, beautifully, and functionally transforming a property. Your eyes may travel farther through glass panels, folding doors, and mirrors, creating the impression of additional space.

Glass also allows more natural light to enter the inside, which is reflected throughout the residence and enhances the best architectural features of your house.

2. Nature-Inspired Artwork

Scandinavian wall decor frequently references nature or the human form, whether in the shape of a line drawing or an abstract watercolour. Your preferred monochrome artwork can be displayed individually, in a series, or in a more extensive arrangement.

Try our simple gallery wall guide if you need assistance with your art placement.

3. Making Use of Wooden Elements

When renovating your room, wood is one of the most adaptive building materials that complements various interior design styles, especially if you want to increase the internal space. For example, veneered cupboards or a wooden wardrobe can add natural warmth to your living room and bedroom, preventing the environment from feeling cold and sterile.

The interior of your 3-room HDB apartment will feel more upscale if you use a muted colour palette. You may also style your space with some sleek, dark components and wooden furnishings.

4. Give your 3-Room BTO HDB a modern feel.

Even though it is simple, a Scandinavian living room is warm and inviting. You may also create an inviting atmosphere in your house by softening sharp edges and complex features with soft materials. The balance of furnishings, accessories, and open space is the secret to creating a peaceful setting.

If you think your decor is too plain, giving your living room a contemporary makeover can liven things up. A modest appearance is simple to pair with a modern, white interior. The glossy grey brick texture wall backsplash adds a touch of visual appeal and a good dose of contrast while also giving the room a rustic industrial feel.

5. Statement of Brightness

Functional parts also take on an ornamental character because the decoration is limited. One such example is lighting. One of the most popular options is a pendant light that resembles a lantern. However, the most recent Scandinavian home decor ideas incorporate colourful and vibrant contemporary lighting design.

6. Introduce new colours

Sometimes, a little area allows you to say the most important things. Most likely, you’ve seen some current BTO 3-room renovation packages and Scandinavian interior design BTO ideas. Peaceful, even-toned homes give off cozy, calming emotions that are popular with homeowners, but some people could find them incredibly dull and uninteresting.

Add some pops of colour to your home if you want it to have a little more character and personality. You will inject a new dose of colour and individuality into your bland decor, whether it’s a flowered kitchen countertop or a vibrant crimson living room cabinet.

7. Opt for the Dark Side

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to experiment with new things! Dark colours may give your property a sleek, contemporary appearance. Darker walls create a cozy, more intimate atmosphere. The interior design of a 3-room HDB flat can quickly transform into a multi-dimensional environment with grace and style.

8. Natural Materials

A Scandinavian interior design BTO style considers organic elements like leather and wood. These earthy materials’ rough and rustic appearance contrasts beautifully with the luxurious and comfortable textiles, adding to their attraction.


It is safe to state that there are still plenty of HDB 3-room flat design ideas to collect, even though I’ve compiled all the ideas for BTO 3-room renovation packages and mentioned the Scandinavian interior design BTO. All you need to have is a little bit of imagination and some fresh concepts.

If you’re looking for the best BTO 3-room renovation company and designers, Klein Interiors is one of Singapore’s top interior design firms. Contact us immediately if you need renovation services, HDB interior design, or condominium interior design in Singapore.

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