Kitchen Interior Design Ideas: Things You Need To Consider

kitchen interior design ideas consider

The kitchen is the centre of the home, so it’s crucial to consider how to use it most practically and functionally possible while also making sure it looks beautiful while designing your new kitchen space.

Having the correct ideas to inspire you is crucial if you want to renovate your kitchen in a way that best reflects your style. You create delicious meals for your loved ones in the kitchen with all of your heart. You should be inspired by more than simply the ingredients and recipes in your kitchen.

We’ve produced this blog article to help you design your kitchen space. We hope these recommendations will motivate you to turn your kitchen into your favourite room in the house!

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Some Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Maximising Storage Solutions

Every inch of worktop and cupboard space is crucial to keeping everything neat and organised, so when planning your kitchen, make the most of every square inch!

Here are some of our best suggestions for making the most of your kitchen’s space:

  • Use the ceiling space in your cabinets to stow away seasonal things.
  • If possible, downsize your appliances.
  • Utilise the space under your windowsills as storage,
  • Put an organiser for utensils in your cutlery drawer.
  • Utilise a magnetic strip to hang blades out of the way and safely.
  • Use pull-out storage baskets to make food, produce and cabinet goods easily accessible.

Establishing a simple flow

Planning your kitchen with storage in mind is essential, as we’ve already mentioned. However, as you need everything to be easily accessible and in a handy location, you must carefully consider where you’re going to store your storage. The way the room flows is essential. For instance, keep the dining table’s set of plates and utensils nearby. So that you can swiftly reach up and get your seasoning while preparing a beautiful dinner, keep pots and pans close to the cooking hobs. You should also have a spice rack there.

The kitchen island

If you’re fortunate enough to have room for a kitchen island, getting the design right early in the planning process is vital because it can significantly impact your entire plan. Form follows function, so make sure you utilise it to its fullest extent to prevent it from turning into a sink for dirty dishes! Change the work surface materials to fit each section individually to ensure it functions as a cooking and entertaining space. For example, choose a softer textured wood to separate the entertainment area from the cooking and preparation area.

Use light colours

Dark colours can make smaller kitchens appear even smaller, so use gentle, neutral hues on the cabinetry and highlight any natural light to make the room appear larger. However, choosing the appropriate colour for kitchen cabinets involves more than just light. Selecting a grainy wood finish for your units will add texture and intrigue to a space that might otherwise be featureless, like a modern addition without any period features.

Planning appropriate worktop

Selecting your preferred worktops is a crucial choice you must make when arranging your kitchen layout. If you’re building a high-gloss, modern kitchen, now is your chance to add a cosy texture, like wood; if your space includes period details, like a marble fire surround, perhaps marble worktops will be an excellent way to connect the design.

When deciding which worktop would be best for your kitchen, there are several additional practical aspects to consider. For instance, granite is one of the most common materials for worktops since it is solid and valuable, but this particular stone has a variety of possibilities. Although it is advised, harder granites like black granite do not require sealing, whereas softer granite will only function well as a kitchen worktop if it is sealed. Marble is a stunning natural stone, but if it is not sealed correctly, it can eventually develop a patina from scratches and stains. Ceramics are also becoming increasingly popular since they provide your kitchen worktops with a sleek appearance while incredibly resistant to heat and discolouration.

Use the right lighting.

Very early in the design process is when this needs to be planned. Remember to include ambient lighting, dimmable alternatives, and pendant lights that are visually stunning in addition to the direct overhead light for optimum impact. The vital thing is to make sure you have adequate light to highlight the various cooking operations, such as chopping, frying, and cleaning.

Be aware of corners

Make sure to account for the clearance and swing direction of your cabinet and appliance doors when planning your kitchen layout. Avoid placing appliances near corners, and if two doors are open simultaneously, be sure they won’t swing into one another.

Identify a focal point.

When used all at once, elaborate flooring, large range hoods, bright kitchen cupboards, and busy countertops might be far too much to handle. Instead, choose a single place in your kitchen as the focal point to which you want to draw attention and add a few more subtle yet striking accents to that area.

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