Make Your Condo Luxurious With These Renovation Ideas

condo luxurious

Whenever we think of luxury, we think of palaces, and that luxury is not achievable until we build our castle. Even though it is accurate and many of us know that a palace is a far-fetched dream, we still desire luxury, and we totally support you.

We would give you hundreds of ideas for a luxury condo interior design for your condo renovation Singapore if you ever consult a professional interior designer.

But the point is that no one will tell you about it because their business would suffer if you did not spend.Lucky for you, we always have our client’s desires and satisfaction as our goal, so we never shy away from sharing the best of our ideas for free.

This blog will enlighten you about some condo renovation Singapore tricks and give you several luxury condo interior design ideas that will allow you to achieve your goal without building a castle.

Ideas for Luxury Condo Interior Design

So far, we have made two commitments to you. The first is to make your condo look luxurious, and the second is to do it without putting a strain on your pocket. But we never said it would be as effortless as a typical condo renovation in Singapore.

It will require a little effort and patience, but we are sure that you are willing to put that in because we assure you that the result will be worth it. So let’s get started!

1. High-End Materials:

We know you cannot decorate the borders of your mirror with diamonds or pearls, and we will not ask you to. But you can definitely use a few high-end materials here and there to get a luxury feel.

You can go to scrap or thrift stores and find multiple broken or useless items for cheap. The items could be good quality glass, precious antique metal, leather, marble, or a piece of wood. Your creativity begins after you find any such thing.

What you need to do is to put little pieces of it around your things. For example, you can set the shattered glass pieces on the borders of your mirror frame to make it look luxurious. Similarly, you can put the marble pieces on your cabinets in the kitchen with some glue.

You can cut and reshape the metals to make the lining of various objects in your condo and so on.

2. Lights:

We cannot stress enough that the use of light in interior design is always underestimated. If done right, good lighting can do wonders for your condo.

First of all, do not rely on over-the-head lights only. Get creative and find different types of lights, such as lamps, and use plenty of them around the room. You can get hanging lights or even fairy lights.

The more light you have, the more spacious your condo will look. The light will also highlight the objects you have, so nothing will go unnoticed.

Lastly, experiment with different light colours for different areas to give your condo a really luxurious feel. For example, a vanity light in the bathroom mirror will surely impress your guests. Similarly, hanging lights on a dinner table will give a high-end feel.

3. Art:

Art has an inherent luxurious feel about it, and a good painting can instantly raise the luxury level of your condo. Try to find a good painting or cheaply available digital art and use it to decorate your condo.

Art, paintings, and photos are considered intellectual, so they will make a statement about you and give a good impression. The same goes for books, and we recommend having a few around even if you are not a reader.

Lastly, your photo frames will be a little helpful. We mostly see standard sized frames or small frames, but multiples of them. Both these styles give a traditional look. But if you enlarge the photo and maybe take it to a quarter of a wall, it will surely provide a luxurious feel.

4. Royal Colors:

If you are not aware of the concept, some colours, such as purple, are considered royal colours. The idea behind it is that colours were extracted from natural sources in the early days of human civilization. Some colours were hard to extract, hence rare and experience. So only the royals could afford them, so they became a status symbol.

You can use such colours for your wall paint to give your condo a luxurious look at the average price of a paint job. One thing to be careful of is using shiny or shimmery versions.

For example, go for glimmering gold instead of yellow and crimson red instead of plain red.

5. Classics:

You might think that having the most modern items in your condo will make it look luxurious, but that is only half the truth. The reality is that having the latest or the oldest makes you look rich.

Because we are not going for expensive items, opt for classy antiques.These items could be anything, starting from a pillowcase of an old-style to a classic chair.

You can also buy things like a gramophone, a radio, a tape recorder, or a metallic microphone just for show purposes.

Such things will obviously bring no value to you, and it is not practical to use them, but they were considered expensive back in the day, and they still hold that value. They are also rare now, so any model you can get your hands on would be a limited edition.

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