Renovate Your BTO with a Timeless Scandinavian Interior Design


With so many options today and the availability of a BTO 3 room renovation package, people are experimenting with their interior designs. We are starting to see many creative themes and designs, but it is also a fact that classy interior designs never go out of fashion.

Speaking of classy, a Scandinavian interior design BTO is still in style. It would not be wrong to say that all the variations that you see of minimal designs today are different variations of the classic Scandinavian style.

With that being said, the question is what interior design you should pick for your BTO that does not go out of style or become a cliché. In this blog, we are covering a timeless Scandinavian interior design BTO that no BTO 3 room renovation package will offer you and is sure to become a trend and stay in fashion for an extended period.

Our Guide to Timeless Scandinavian Interior Design:

With so many variations already existing, it isn’t easy to incorporate some elements and think that your Scandinavian interior design will stand out. Instead, you will have to understand the core of the Scandinavian style, and once there, you will be free to begin your experimenting and bring out your own variant.

1. Muted Colors:

Muted colours are probably the key sign of a Scandinavian interior design, so that would be your starting point for your renovation.

Whatever colours you choose for your theme, make sure to not go for the traditional shades and prioritise a little muted and dull version of them. The good thing about muted colours is that you will find many such shades that have not been used anywhere.

2. High Contrast:

The second key sign of a Scandinavian interior design is the high contrast between the theme colours, and it would further help you choose the right muted colours.

You should choose colours that go totally opposite each other and give a high contrast. To clarify, a contrast is when two different colours complement each other, whereas a high contrast is when you choose two completely different colors, but their specific shades look novel and good as a pair.

A high contrast would allow you to highlight some things while completely toning down other things, giving a unique and classy look to your BTO.

An excellent example of high contrast would be using muted versions of black and white. You can make your walls dull-white while your furniture can be black or vice versa.

3. Natural Light:

Moving ahead, natural light is your best friend while using muted colours. You might think that muted colours will make your BTO look dull and lifeless, which is partially true if you do not use enough light.

Light will boost the muted colours and make them look lively without making them look too bright or in your face. Similarly, natural light will also sharpen the high contrast and enhance the look of the opposite colours.

Continuing our previous example, the white will look brighter with ample natural light, whereas the black will appear shinier.

4. Add Warmth:

Since the base colours of your theme are muted, your BTO is destined to look a little dull if you do not add additional warmth to it. To do that, your best choice is to use warm wood.

Warm wood means that your furniture should be made of or have a natural wood colour polish.It will add little touches to the overall look, giving you a little life here and there.

Additionally, the natural light will also increase the warmth, so your BTO will have a classy look but with enough life.

5. Add Colors:

This point might come as a surprise to you, but hear us out. Yes, the base has to be muted, but that does not mean your BTO cannot have any colours at all. You should have a decent amount of colour incorporated into your interior design, and in the case of a Scandinavian style, you can do it through paintings and decorative pieces.

Use funky and brightly coloured paintings or digital art on your wall, but be mindful of two points. First, the paintings should not occupy enough space to dominate the muted wall paint. Second, the things occupy enough space to keep your walls from looking bland.

6. Mod Furniture:

Now that your basics for a Scandinavian style are all set, the next step is to add other elements to complete the look.

When choosing your furniture, go for the modern style. The key signs would be that your furniture should look thin and have colours that match your base colours. It would be ideal if your furniture could have high contrast too.

But make sure not to get furniture that is in high contrast with your walls. For example, a white table with black paint on the edges is good, but a black table against a white wall is bad. Similarly, make a contrast with your paint and furniture. For example, a warm wood colour against a muted red wall is good, but a deep yellow against a muted red wall is bad.

7. Keep it cosy:

Lastly, modern furniture might give you an impression of being uncomfortable, and you might think that you only need to focus on the look. That is not true.

While choosing the colours, paintings, and furniture, make sure to go for things that make the interior cosy yet clean. If you think the interior is too dim, you should also consider using plenty of artificial light at night, so you stay comfortable.

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